The Life E​.​P.

by Shot Not

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Your past is always somewhere following you in the dark, along these closing bars and through empty parks. I staggered to a stop, dead in the street, in a silent town that was fast asleep. I never wanted to give up but it gave up on me. Try to move away but reality stays the same, try to shake this routine but you can't change the scene. These attempts never mattered but existed as a thought. My intention was to never disappoint. And maybe one day we'll be finally able to say we're not a part of this place anymore. And maybe someday we'll be finally able to claim that our actions were never made in vain. But always remember what you saw in this from the start. And always try to remember why you gave it your heart. And please try to remember, cause' in my memory this will never be gone. This will never be dead to me.
I think it would be easier to see that this is all that there is and I'm only me, I am only. Wrapping my head around these questions and turns, that lead to forks and riddles, thoughts that won't leave my head, leaves me to point where, i'm shaking, cause I dont want to go. I'm shaking, I don't know what to do. I'm shaking, and waiting.
Shitbull 02:46
Well I know you're probably angry. These days most of us tend to feel that way. And I know you're probably looking for a good reason to blame every mistake that you made in the last few years on someone else's fault. And I know you hate your family and everything that we're forced to do to get through each day of our lives. But it's not secret this world isn't gonna feel sorry for you and neither will I anymore. And even though we're both far from how we used to be, I'd like to think there is still a chance that we can be friends. We can grab a beer and go sing a long to the band's we used to go see but I know it will never be that way again. It's all bullshit yeaaaaaah.
Difference 03:40
It's been longer than I can remember but it's always stayed, stays the same. It's been following in with the early spring. A constant reminder, a lingering pain. If I think of all the promises I made, I'll remember all the one's I could never keep. All my failed ambitions, half-buried, broken dreams. That have fallen down to the concrete. This wasn't my fault but never really mattered. I am just sorry you couldn't be here. I will carry it with me whether I stay or leave. It's been 19 years, still impossible to believe. What difference has this made?
Every morning I wake up for the life that shouldn't be mine but maybe I've found the courage maybe I've just gotten that dumb. I thought that I'd get out but I know that I won't. And I keep telling myself "I'm not bored with life just yet."
It's harder and harder to see what I really want these days, but when it comes down to it, it's as simple as you. But who are you and where are you? Could it be as nice to have something nice, there's really no point if I can't make you smile or make you sing along. I'd like to see what's stopping me and what lets everyone else be but working up the will to try is the most difficult task. Why do i see things like this, can't I see things like you? Why must I make each step of life more difficult than the last? It can be easy to do that, when you're unsure of which way to go and I'll never know. It's just the way I feel.


Recorded in early January 2011 by Phil Douglas. Mastered in early February by Azimuth Mastering.


released February 25, 2011

All music and lyrics by Shot Not.


all rights reserved



shot not

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